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It's ok to get a second, or third doctor's opinion

In the U.S., we seek quick fix solutions. We want an easy solution that doesn't require much effort. So many surgeries in the U.S., mine included are unncessarily performed. Therefore, I implore those considering surgery, not to do it unless you have exhausted all other options. I also advise getting a second opinion. In some cases, a third or fourth might be necessary. These decisions will affect the rest of your life so take the time to consider wisely with all the information.

I even recommend the need for second opinions for medications and non-surgical treatments. The side effects of medications can be so severe it changes the quality of life. In my experience, I don't think doctors understand how bad the side effects are. For example, I take a nerve pain medication that caused a weight gain of twenty pounds within the first month. I mentioned this to my doctor and he didn't believe me. I even found hundreds of online posts from other patients stating the same thing.

The ads on t.v. for prescription medications convey a long list of possible side effects that sometimes are worse than the original problem. Also, pharmacists are medication experts and I don't think we consult them enough. They also are more knowledgeable about medication interactions. I remember one time I switched my prescriptions to a new pharmacy and the pharmacist mentioned an interaction between two of my meds that I had been on for years and nobody else caught this mistake.

I know visiting multiple doctors can be expensive but in the long term I think it is worth it because it affects the quality of your life. I would give anything if I hadn't had my back surgery. Not only did it not work, it made things worse.

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