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Because Healing is Hard

Chronic illness can be so isolating. I know when I am having a rough day...I feel like hiding. I tend to keep to myself on those days which is difficult because that is when I probably need the most support from others. I had to learn mantras like, "You are not alone", "It will be ok", and "Building community is important." #chronicpain #chronicillness

I think for many folks that have been chronically ill for years or even decades, we feel like we have lost who we used to be and we grieve that person. It took me years of self work and reflection to realize this "new" version of me is more complete and whole compared to my "old" self. I have learned to embrace the 2.0 version of myself and let go of the expectations on how I thought my life should go.

In my chronic pain support groups, we discuss being open to the possibility of a brighter future. It's possible to be in chronic pain and still lead a rewarding and meaningful life. It requires dedication, intention, and commitment on a regular basis. #support

My journey through rare diseases and difficult conditions required me to use coping skills used to thrive, not just survive. I hope my journey will help others affected by chronic pain. We can come together all over the world and create a tribe of support, collaboration, and kindness. #journey #wellness

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