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Support groups

closed in 2024-TBD on hold

2023 Support Group Topics 

  • January :  Topics to cover this year

  • February: How do we talk about our pain?

  • March: Getting a second opinion from new doctor

  • April: Side effects of medications 

  • May: How pets can help us with our pain

  • June: Grieving our old life 

  • July: Pain scale (1-10)

  • August: Meditation/breath work

  • September: chronic pain awareness month/advocacy

  • October: spending time

  • November: CBD (Cannabis)

  • December: Spirituality

Chronic Pain Connection

  • We offer free monthly support groups for folks dealing with chronic pain and their family and friends. You are not alone. We are a strong warrior community. We provide pain reduction strategies and resources.

  • Groups consist of around 10 people with various conditions ranging all ages. This meeting is open to anyone with an internet connection that is dealing with chronic pain. We focus on coping skills to help us thrive in spite of chronic illness. The goal is to reduce suffering and increase joy.

  • This is an online meeting via the app ZOOM. You can attend via pc or smart phone. 

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